Special Interest Groups


The TSANZ Special Interest Groups (SIGs) play a valuable role within the Society. They are the product of considerable thought, consultation and discussion by TSANZ members who wish to further the development of new knowledge and practice in a particular area of expertise. The SIGs are also the main contributors in the program development of the highly anticipated TSANZSRS Annual Scientific Meeting.

The leadership role of SIGs are voluntary and are elected by the Members of the SIG.

Further information about SIGs, including their role, terms of reference, communication strategies, can be found in the by laws of TSANZ Constitution and the SIG Convenor's Toolbox.

Listed below are all current TSANZ SIGs and the Convenors. All communications with the SIGs are coordinated through the TSANZ Office.

Asthma & Allergy SIG
Convenors: Mike Fricker & Stephen Oo
Deputy Convenors: Adam Collison and Eve Denton

Cell, Immunology & Molecular Biology of the Lung SIG
Convenor: Alen Faiz
Deputy Convenor: Mehra Haghi

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) SIG
Convenors: Natasha Smallwood and Ross Vlahos
Deputy Convenors: Arwel Jones and Sukhwinder Sohal

Cystic Fibrosis SIG
Convenor: Siobhain Mulrennan (Adult)
Convenor: Tonia Douglas (Paediatric)

Evidence-Based Medicine & Practice SIG
Convenor: Zoe Kopsaftis
Deputy Convenor: Arwel Jones

Interventional Pulmonology / Bronchology SIG
Convenor: Rajesh Thomas
Deputy Convenor: Arash Badiei

Lung Cancer SIG
Convenor: Tracy Leong
Deputy Convenor: Sameh Samuel

Nutrition SIG
Convenor: Megan Jensen
Deputy Convenor: Vanessa Murphy

Occupational & Environmental Lung Disease / Population Health SIG
Convenor: Susan Miles
Deputy Convenor: Sheikh Alif

Orphan Lung Diseases, Lung Transplant, Interstitial Lung Disease and Pulmonary Vascular Disease (OLIV) SIG
Convenor: Greg Keir
Deputy Convenor: Yet Hong Khor

Paediatric SIG
Convenor: Danielle Wurzel
Deputy Convenors: Vikas Goyal

Physiotherapy SIG
Convenor: Katrina Li
Deputy Convenor: Aroub Lahham

Primary Care SIG
Convenor: Sinthia Bosnic-Anticevich
Deputy Convenor: Anthony Sunjaya

Pulmonary Physiology & Sleep SIG
Convenor: Katrina Tonga
Deputy Convenor: Anna Hudson

Respiratory Infectious Diseases SIG
Convenor: Megan Rees
Deputy Convenor: Simone Barry

Respiratory Nurses SIG
Australian Convenor: Jane Cotter
Australian Co-Convenor: John Harrington
New Zealand Convenor: Betty Poot
New Zealand Co-Convenor: Nikola Ncube

Symptom Support & Palliative Care SIG
Convenor: Jennifer Philip
Deputy Convenor: Rebecca Disler

Tobacco & Related Substances SIG
Convenor: Emily Stone
Deputy Convenor: Henry Marshall


If you would like to get involved or if you wish to send a message to any of the SIGs please use the following methods of communication:

POST: GPO Box 1491, SYDNEY NSW 2001 OR