The Sub-Committees of TSANZ ​consist of highly committed individuals who volunteer their time and expertise. They serve as the subject matter experts on key areas pertaining to the Society.

The Sub-Committees report through their Chairperson to the Board.

The Sub-Committee activities are governed by Terms of Reference.

Current Chair of TSANZ Sub-Committees

Sub-Committees Chair Members Terms of Reference
Education and Training

Sukhwinder Sohal

Isuru Seneviratne, Subash Srikantha, Maitri Munsif, Sandra Chuang, Lauren Ng, Archit Chawla, Ana Schippers, Greg Frazer, Hubertus Jersmann, Robert Carroll, Alan Shaw

Clinical Care and Resources Yet Hong Khor

Paul Leong, Christopher Lim, Ajay Kevat, Annemarie Lee, Josephine McCabe, Arwel Jones

Executive Committee

Stuart Jones

Bruce Thompson, John Upham, Gary Anderson [PDF]
Professional Standards

Hubertus Jersmann

Christiaan Yu, Pamela Laird, Nathan Ward, Himanshu Gard, Roland Meyer


Kristin Carson-Chahhoud

Rebecca Disler, Ross Vlahos, Patricia Agudelo-Romero, Maria Sukkar, Shafagh Waters, Conroy Wong, Nia Luxton, Kimberley Wang, Narelle Cox, Eugene Roscioli, Edward Fysh, Arwel Jones, Bajee Krishna Sriram, Cecilia Prele

Registries and Clinical Trials

James Fingleton (Co-Chair) and Gary Anderson (Co-Chair)

Kristin Carson-Chahhoud, Peter Gibson, Peter Middleton, Hayley See



If you would like to get involved or if you wish to send a message to any of the Board Members please use the following methods of communication:

POST: GPO Box 1491, SYDNEY NSW 2001 OR