TSANZ Sub-Committees


The Sub-Committees of TSANZ ​consist of highly committed individuals who volunteer their time and expertise. They serve as the subject matter experts on key areas pertaining to the Society.

The Sub-Committees report through their Chairperson to the Board.

The Sub-Committee activities are governed by Terms of Reference.

Current Chair of TSANZ Sub-Committees

Sub-Committees Chair Members Terms of Reference
Education and Training

Claire Wainwright

Hubertus Jersmann, David Langton, Chien-Li Holmes-Liew, Paul Leong, Anastasia Hutchinson, Ben Kwan, Paula Johnson [PDF]
Clinical Care and Resources Anne Holland

Catherine Buchan, Jack Dummer, Lata Jayaram, Lutz Beckert, Narelle Cox, Sumit Mehra

Finance, Risk and Audit Compliance

Peter Middleton

Allan Glanville, Bruce Thompson, Peter Gibson [PDF]
Professional Standards

Bruce Thompson

Mark Jurisevic, Theodora Ahilas, Philip Masel, John Wheatley, Edmund Lau, Hugh Greville, Liam Welsh, Hugh Greville, Sonya Johnston


Philip Hansbro, Greg King

Anne Chang , Anthony Kicic, Christian Osadnik, Darryl Knight, Deborah Yates, Graeme Zosky, Graham Hall, Li Ping Chung, Ross Vlahos, Sandra Orgeig

Strategy and Management Peter Gibson Allan Glanville, Denise O'Driscoll, Peter Middleton [PDF]


If you would like to get involved or if you wish to send a message to any of the Board Members please use the following methods of communication:

POST: GPO Box 1491, SYDNEY NSW 2001 OR