TSANZ Training for Laboratory Accreditation Assessors

Event Date: Friday 1 April 2016


The successful delivery and sustainability of the TSANZ Respiratory Laboratory Accreditation Program (referred to as ‘The Program’) is dependent upon volunteer Laboratory Accreditation Assessors. Assessors are Respiratory Specialists and Scientists who commit their time and expertise. They are required to assess laboratories against the standards and to provide recommendations to laboratories on their service. Assessors are appointed to an Accreditation Review Panel comprising of three Assessors, which supports the assessment of a single accreditation application, commonly over a 9 to 12 month period.

There are many benefits to becoming a Laboratory Accreditation Assessor, including continuing professional development, networking and capacity building across services.

TSANZ will conduct training for Laboratory Accreditation Assessors on Friday 1st April, 11am to 5pm, as part of the TSANZSRS ASM. Further training opportunities in 2016 are TBC, dependent upon request/need.

What will the training cover?

  • The value and purpose of quality improvement activities and accreditation programs
  • Best practice in auditing and report writing
  • TSANZ Respiratory Laboratory Accreditation Program including:
    • Examination of the standards
    • The process, timeframes, and tasks
    • Responsibilities of Assessors
    • Panel reports
    • Conduct of the site visit
    • Panel Recommendations and granting of accreditation.


The training will be delivered by Professor Bruce Thompson, Professor John Wheatley, and Ms Michelle Breen.

Professor John Wheatley is the current Chair of the Laboratory Accreditation Committee and Deputy Chair of the Professional Standards Sub-Committee. John was instrumental in establishing the contemporary TSANZ Laboratory Standards during 1994-1995. John has had experience with a variety of accreditation programs and standard development, including development of the Sleep Service Accreditation program initially undertaken with the TSANZ and ASA, and more recently under the combined auspices of the ASA and NATA.

Professor Bruce Thompson is the current Chair of the Professional Standards Sub-Committee, TSANZ Board member, and member of the Laboratory Accreditation Committee. Bruce has been actively involved ATS/ERS Task Force work, including current work on the standardisation of TLCO, and previously with Multiple Breath Nitrogen Washout. Bruce has also had experience with other Accreditation programs, including Sleep Disorder Services with ASA / NATA.

Both John and Bruce have been involved in a large number of accreditation panels for TSANZ over the last 15 to 20 years.

Ms Michelle Breen joined the TSANZ Office team in August 2015 as the Quality and Professional Standards Coordinator and is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the program.Michelle holds a variety of Management and Quality Auditing qualifications, and has had experience in the management and implementation of accreditation programs, the conduct of audits, and the training of assessors.

Administrative details:

Members should register their interest in participating in the training when they register for the ASM. See the ASM website to regsiter.

The training will be provided free of charge to TSANZSRS ASM attendees.

Spaces will be limited. Priority will be given to TSANZ or ANZSRS Members who are already committed to an Accreditation Review Panel, and to members who will commit to joining a panel during 2016.

TSANZ or ANZSRS Members new to the accreditation process are very welcome.

The training will be delivered 11am to 5pm.

If you are unable to attend this training, but are interested in becoming an Assessor or attending training at a different time, please contact Michelle Breen.

Contact information and enquiries

Any enquiries on this matter should be referred to: Michelle Breen, TSANZ Quality and Professional Standards Coordinator. Email michelle.breen@thoracic.org.au or telephone: +61 2 9222 6202.

Training is free for anybody registered to attend the TSANZSRS ASM

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