TSANZ Indigenous Respiratory Nursing Award

Deadline for applications: midnight AEST 12 April 2021

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The TSANZ Indigenous Respiratory Nursing Award aims:

  • To raise the profile of indigenous health within respiratory nursing and the work of respiratory nurses of an indigenous background.
  • To increase the number of respiratory nurses of an indigenous background participating in the TSANZ ASM and foster career development and networking opportunities.

The TSANZ aims to support two nurses who are:

  • Either of an indigenous background OR working as a nurse in indigenous respiratory health
  • Have demonstrated their interest and commitment to nursing and indigenous health
  • Contribute to the provision of, or research in, respiratory health nursing in Indigenous communities in New Zealand or Australia.
  • The scholarships are intended to assist with the following costs of attending the ASM:
    • Conference registration fees – fully paid

Additional support – up to $1000 total per recipient is available to support the individual in their preparation and attendance to the ASM, pending submission of appropriate records and receipts. Remaining funds may then be used for professional development or research support as outlined in their application.


To be eligible to receive an award, the applicant must meet the following criteria:

1. A current[1] member of the TSANZ, and

2. A Registered Nurse with either the Australian Health Practitioner Registry Agency or Nursing Council of New Zealand.

3. Applicants must be able to provide:

a) a statement of their work as a nurse related to indigenous respiratory health (at least 50% of work time) AND/OR statement of work as a nurse of an indigenous background (preference will be given to those of an indigenous background);

4. and demonstrate:

a) An understanding of the issues affecting indigenous people and interest and commitment to nursing and indigenous health;

b) An aim to strengthen knowledge and make a positive contribution to the provision of, or research in, respiratory health nursing in Indigenous communities in New Zealand or Australia; and

c) An ability to communicate sensitively and effectively about indigenous issues for peoples in Australia or New Zealand.

[1] A Financial member of the TSANZ who has obtained the support of a proposer and seconder and has been endorsed by the TSANZ Board. Please contact the TSANZ Office if you need to initiate this process. The Respiratory Nurses SIG would be happy to support the application for membership of anyone eligible to apply for this award. 


The following conditions apply to this award:

The award recipients will be expected to provide a short report back to the TSANZ outlining the benefits gained from their attendance within one month after the ASM ends. An edited version of the report may also be included in TSANZ newsletters.

Note: Group applications will not be considered and extensions to the application deadline will not be granted. These conditions must be met to remain eligible for further award rounds.

Applications will contain the following;

Applicants  must  only submit  their  application  via  the  TSANZ  awards  submission  portal - http://www.thoracic.org.au/researchawards/tsanz-awards-submission-portal

Your application should include:

  • A cover letter addressing the noted eligibility criteria (maximum one page).
  • A summary of your nursing career including contribution to the provision of, or research in, respiratory health nursing in Indigenous communities in New Zealand or Australia (maximum two A4 pages).
  • One letter of endorsement supporting the application and confirming time spent working on Indigenous respiratory issues. Letters of support should ideally be written by someone who has worked alongside or supervised the work of the applicant in the field of respiratory health nursing.
  • How the funds will be used i.e. conference attendance and any other proposed professional development or research support.

Note: All text must be submitted on A4 pages with a 2cm margin to the top, bottom, left and right. Text must be single line spaced, with size 12 Times New Roman font. No columns are permitted.

Selection Process

The Convenors and Deputy Convenors of the TSANZ Respiratory Nurses Special Interest Group will assess the applications.

Selection will be made on merit of work within indigenous respiratory nursing and positive impact and improvements for respiratory health for Indigenous communities in New Zealand or Australia.

The panel reserves the right to request additional information, where it deems necessary. The panel decision is final. Feedback may be provided to unsuccessful applicants on request.

Submit Application

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Please upload a single PDF containing your abstract, track record and publications.


A citizen or permanent resident of Australia or New Zealand, or have a travel/study/work visa in Australia or New Zealand.
I have not been a full, or part-time employee of, or paid consultant to, nor do I have any real or perceived, direct or indirect links to the tobacco industry in the past five years.
All information provided in this form and attached documents is true and correct.


TSANZ Privacy Statement. Personal information submitted as part of an award or fellowship application will be viewed by staff of the TSANZ and the application reviewers who are TSANZ members. After assessment, the application will be stored on the TSANZ server. To clarify how your information is stored or used by the TSANZ, please contact the Privacy Officer on (02) 9222 6205.
Please direct enquires to the Awards Coordinator