Sleep and Respiratory Physician - Melbourne

Published - 27th Jul 21

With a reputation for excellent patient-orientated service, a sessional and flexible role is available for the appropriate sleep disorders and respiratory physician.

Location is in the inner eastern and south-eastern/Bayside areas of Melbourne, with 3 potential practice locations.

The Sleep and Respiratory Group (SRG) is a private practice providing sleep medicine, and respiratory medicine, to a well motivated clientele of predominately privately insured, operating and/or supporting 3 private hospital sleep laboratories, private lung function, home sleep testing services, and outreach clinics with tele health. The demand for services is ever-growing, and facilities are in place for a sleep and respiratory physician to join the practice.

All-inclusive services are provided including bookings, billings, mail and phone calls, with superb administrative staff, in a caring, pleasant and respectful environment. Walk in and walk out service.

Qualities: competence,  enthusiasm, well orientated to problem-solving, respectful, congenial, confidence-inspiring presentation, honesty, team minded, problem-solving personality. Sleep medicine training essential. 

Sessional work up to full-time work available in private practice. Complete flexibility: you will be your own boss! No after-hours required. Male & females.

Most physicians have SRG as their private practice, which allows them to work part-time, or, also work in public. Excellent separation from public work. No hidden agendas, no targets to be met, no egos to be massaged!

In sleep medicine, we have links with sleep psychiatry, sleep psychology, private and public sleep laboratories, home tests, and good relationship with device providers. We do not sell equipment so there is no sales pressure, or potential conflict of interest.

There can be a  leadership role for regional clinics.

In respiratory medicine we provide outpatient care predominantly, incorporating lung function, interventional radiology, bronchoscopy, with excellent liaison's for MDT, EBUS, cardiothoracic surgery. In- patient care can be organised in private hospitals if requested.

More specialised skill set such as allergy (skin prick testing desensitisation et cetera), immunology, interest in interstitial lung disease, would be welcome.

Organisation: Sleep and Respiratory Group
Organisation Address:
Contact Name: Peter Solin
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Contact Phone: 03 9591 0066
How to Apply: email your interest and resume