2018 Board Member Elections

Election will take place online between 5th March and 19th March 2018.

Candidate Information:

President-Elect Candidate’s Information:

We received only one nomination for President Elect. The recipient will be announced at the AGM.

Member-elected Board Directors Candidate Information: [PDF]

Frequently Asked Questions:

When will the online election take place?

The online election will take place from the 5th March to the 19th March.

What will happen during the election?

All eligible voting members will receive an email ballot containing a link to vote. Either click on the link in the email or copy the link and paste it into your browser's address bar. Both these methods will automatically take you to the ballot for the election. There is no need to log on to any system.

A very small number of eligible voting members do not have an email address. These members will receive a paper ballot containing a voting key. Once you receive your voting key go to www.electionbuddy.com/vote and then enter your voting key which will then take you to the appropriate ballot. There is no need to log on to any system.

Once at the ballot, follow the instructions to review details of the candidates and to vote for your preferred candidates.

What do I do if I don’t receive a ballot?

Check your SPAM folder: If your spam filter has blocked or deleted your email ballot and you are not able to recover it, please contact a TSANZ staff member so that they can either resend your email ballot (after you have adjusted your spam filter settings to allow electionbuddy emails) or send your voting key.

Have you changed your email address? If so please contact a TSANZ staff member who will verify your new email address and resend your ballot to you.

If you do not have an email address and are receiving a paper ballot, please wait until the 15th March before contacting a TSANZ staff member as this will allow for postal delays.

Why has the Board decided to use Election Buddy to conduct the election?

The Board has decided to use online voting in order to increase the opportunity for participation in the election process and to achieve improved compliance with our constitution.

Election Buddy has been chosen as the preferred supplier because it:

  • Has been used globally for a range of government, association and other elections
  • Election Buddy has been used in more than 12 000 elections with over 2 million votes having been cast
  • A reference check was undertaken for the software with a similar sized Australian/New Zealand membership association
  • It represents good value for money
  • It is secure and protects voters' confidentiality

What do you mean by voting is secure?

Ballots are encrypted using SSL encryption. This is the same security and encryption banks use. Ballots are kept anonymous. Each ballot is tied to a unique voting key rather than a voter's name or id. This means no information about the voter is stored with the ballot and there is no way to determine which voter cast which ballot. Administrators can see who voted, but not their individual voting choices. Votes are summarised to show the winner and how many votes were received for each choice on each position. Ballots can only be used once. The unique voting key is tracked, and is marked as completed to ensure that each ballot is submitted only once.

What is a voting key?

Voting keys are a unique identifier that ensures only you can vote and that the vote can only be submitted once.

Can I change my vote?

No. Once your vote is cast, it is tallied within electionbuddy.com and included in the voter results. It would be the same if you voted in any government election.

When will we find out the results of the election

The election will close at 5pm AEDST on the 19thMarch. The results will be reviewed by the TSANZ staff who are administering the election. Staff will prepare the statement of results which will be kept confidential and provided to the President at the AGM for announcement to members.

An evaluation report will be provided to the President in advance of the AGM that details:

  • Voter numbers
  • Any issues relating to constitutional compliance
  • Issues raised during the election
  • Staff feedback on the system in terms of ease of use
  • Member feedback

The evaluation report will be outlined to members at the AGM and members will be able to give additional feedback at that time. The results of the evaluation and member feedback at the AGM will be used to inform the success of the election.

Where can I get help?

The following TSANZ staff are responsible for administering the election and supporting members during the election process. They will also be keeping a log of all issues and concerns reported by members so that this can be included in the Board’s review of the pilot. The contact details of the staff are as follows: