TSANZ Overseas Membership Fees (1st January to 31st December)

An Overseas Member is a person who does not reside in Australia or New Zealand and who:

(i) (A) is a legally qualified medical practitioner, scientist or other health professional who has received appropriate postgraduate training and qualifications in respiratory medicine, sleep medicine, thoracic surgery or related fields; or

(i) (B) in the opinion of the Board has made a worthwhile contribution to the study or practice of respiratory medicine, thoracic surgery or related fields; and

(ii) meets the eligibility requirements set out in clause 6.12 of the Constitution; and

(iii) has had their application for Membership approved in accordance with the Constitution.

An Overseas Member is a Non-voting Member and is not eligible to apply for awards.

Overseas Membership categories are based on the income group of countries from the World Bank's List of Economies as of June 2017.

Category 2021 Fee 2022 Fee Sign Up
Category A $265.00 $275.00 SIGN UP
Category B $195.00 $200.00 SIGN UP
Category C $110.00 $115.00 SIGN UP

Please Note:

  • All new members incur a once-off $5.00 member contribution fee.
  • 50% discount for new sign-ups from 1 July.
  • 2022 prices apply from 1 January 2022.
  • Overseas membership category depends on the person's country of residence.
  • If Overseas Membership applicants are not in a position to obtain two financial TSANZ Ordinary members to nominate and second the application, an email, along with a copy of the applicant's CV, should be sent to the TSANZ Office at TSANZOffice@thoracic.org.au.