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Lung Foundation Australia Research Awards


LFA believes research is one of the most effective ways to improve the prevention, detection, treatment and management of Lung Disease. The following group of awards are made available by the LFA.


LFA / A Menarini Pty Ltd 2017 Travel Awards

LFA / Boehringer Ingelheim COPD Research Fellowship 2016/2017
LFA / Ivan Cash Research Grant-in-Aid Award
LFA / Lizotte Family Research Award
LFA / Ludwig Engel Grant-in-Aid for Physiological Research

How to participate

Follow the links above to access each award application form and download the information sheet.

More Information

Please email the TSANZ Awards Coordinator with any questions, comments or enquires.

Lung Foundation Australia contact details
Glenda Colburn | Phone 07 3251 3600 | Email: glenda@lungfoundation.com.au